Video Thursdays! Rem Leads the Way

Hello, all!

Before starting off this post, I want to share that I have created a little blog schedule for myself! It does seem too overwhelming to me right now, and that’s alright. As long as it’s generating excitement in me, I know I would be able to keep up with it. So, if you are following my blog, I will upload a whole different post regarding the schedule, where I will explain why exactly am I doing that. Acknowledging the title, Thursdays will be dedicated to sharing of videos. Be it art, design, typography or architecture.

So, today’s video is actually a trailer to the movie REM. The reason why this film was shot, was to show people how creating buildings is not about erecting a structure which would start enacting it’s functions, whatever that is supposed to do. It is not about what the architect needs but what the building’s users needs. And that is what Rem Koolhaas finds challenging.

Depicting the users’ experience through this film, which was one of the highly anticipated documentaries in the architecture scene, it examines his vast array of work through the eyes of the people that inhabit the designs.

To find out more about the film, you can also visit:


Smart Ideas

I have been reading up a lot lately on city designing and how the smallest of efforts can bring a huge outcome in any regard. Be it personal goals, work focus or on a larger scale of changing a city’s functioning.

Recently, I came across this video by IBM and it has to be one of the most functional as well as clever advertising I have seen. Kudos to the designers for making it simple yet effective.