Framed Curves

I discovered Moshe Safdie through his thesis project of Habitat 67. And as a student who had just begun understanding what this vast field was all about, I was in awe.

While the project was an experimental solution for high-quality housing in dense urban environments, the possibility of two design ideas into one project emerged. It dealt with 1. pre-fabrication, which around 1967 was just getting  kick-started and, 2. re-thinking the designing of apartments in the new age.

My joy of discovering his design in India, right in my land of Punjab, was insurmountable. Virasat-E-Khalsa, a museum of Sikhism, is located near Chandigarh. I could not stop gushing over how his structure stood right at my birthplace and I was unaware of it.

2016-06-22 12.38.28 1.jpgThe beautiful curves of the Virasat-E-Khalsa museum.